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101 ASL
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The 101ASL is a easy-to-install Linear Wall Washer Housing profile with a heatsink insert 101ASL-Slider* that is compatible with LED lighting sources up-to 29mm (1.14”) wide. Thanks to its mounting channel, it features a wide range of installation options. The 101ASL offers PC and Metal End-Cap options.

*Must be ordered separately

Type:           Linear Wall Washer Housing
Material:   Aluminum 6063-T5
Surface:     Natural Anodised 
Height:       75.00mm / 2.95"
Width:        76.00mm / 2.99"


101-ASL-Plastik-Kapak               101-ASL-Zamak-Kapak        101-ASL-Sürgü
101-ASL-Ayak-Set-Büyük            101-ASL-Ayak-Set-Orta        101-ASL-Ayak-Set-Küçük
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